Welcome to the Network

Whether you, or a loved one, are undergoing treatment, or you are a healthcare professional working in Oncology, you will find lots of useful information, videos and links about Children’s Cancer.

North West Children’s Cancer Operational Delivery Network (NWCCODN) works in partnership with 2 Principal Treatment Centre’s (PTC), 7 Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Units (POSCUs) and 3 supra-network POSCUs. These 12 providers care for patients and families within the Northwest of England, North Wales and Isle of Man.

We aim to:

  • Improve integration between different children’s cancer services
  • Improve the experience of cancer care
  • Increase participation in clinical trials, which is currently at around two thirds of patients
  • Increase tumour banking rates
  • Improve the transition between children’s and TYA services, in particular ensuring that there is no age gap between different services
  • Embed genomic medicine within children’s cancer services